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Actions 2010

August 14th

This morning, 70 GM vine plants were liberated near Colmar. It was a trial led by the French National Institute of Agricultural Research. The 70 Faucheurs who participated have been arrested, they are at the central police station of Colmar in the east of France. More information below.

- Colmar: 70 pieds de vigne transgnique saccags durant la nuit l'Inra

AFP | 15.08.10 | 07h55

Une soixantaine de faucheurs ont saccag 70 pieds de vigne transgnique dans l'unit de Colmar de l'Institut national de recherche agronomique (Inra) dans la nuit de samedi dimanche, a-t-on appris auprs des gendarmes. Les faucheurs se sont introduits dans le champ aux alentours de 05h00 dimanche et ont saccag les vignes avant d'avertir la presse. Policiers et gendarmes sont rapidement arrivs sur place: environ 70 hommes ont pris place autour du champs et ils retenaient toujours les faucheurs dans l'enceinte 07h00.

"Nous avons agi dans la non-violence, visage dcouvert. L'argent public finance les OGM, ces essais s'effectuent en plein champs et nous n'en voulons pas", a dclar Olivier Florent, l'un des faucheurs volontaires.

L'Inra, qui n'tait pas encore joignable dimanche en dbut de matine, a dj connu en septembre 2009 le saccage de 70 plants de vignes OGM sur lesquels l'institut menait des essais depuis 2005. - Aujourd'hui, 15 aot 2010, 70 Faucheurs se sont volontairement enferms l'intrieur du site de l'INRA de Colmar pour neutraliser l'essai de vigne gntiquement modifi.

Neutralisation de vigne OGM par les Faucheurs Volontaires Nous avons fauch cet essai de vignes GM parce que - les champs d'exprimentation d'OGM sont le premier pas d'une dmarche commerciale visant imposer, avec l'aval de la Commission europenne, des cultures actuellement non autorises, et surtout non plbiscites ni par la population ni par les professionnels ?- cet essai est inutile et inabouti : les fleurs ayant t supprimes, cette tude ne peut statuer sur le possible passage d'lments du transgne dans le fruit ou le vin.

En consquence, nous demandons que les fonds publics financent des recherches sur les alternatives de lutte contre le court-nou plutt que sur des OGM dont on sait qu'ils gnreront non seulement une dpendance des agriculteurs, vignerons, et travailleurs de la terre au brevetage sur le vivant, mais aussi des gains phnomnaux pour le secteur priv reprsent ici par l'industrie agrochimique.

Enfin, cette dmarche est en totale contradiction avec la mission d'intrt gnral et publique de l'INRA, et va l'encontre de l'opinion publique qui refuse toujours 80 %les OGM dans les champs et les assiettes.

Le Collectif des Faucheurs Volontaires Contact Presse :

- Petition de soutien


General situation

In Germany there is a big number of legal releases of GMO field trials. It concerns plants like corn, wheat, barley, colza, potato, sugar beet and even more (for example look at this page)! In the early 1990ies the resistance against it had great success and the genetic engineering lobby's plans for more release couldn't be realized. From 2004 onwards a big campaign pro-GMO occured - without much direct resistance (only some NGO's trying to influence policy by lobbying and harmless actions).

From 2005 onwards activities against GMO changed and more direct action against those fields with GM-plants took place - by destroying fields with GMO or squattering them before sowings. There are different kinds of those actions: public "field liberation" such as "Gendreck weg!" (Gendreck-weg - sorry, mostly in German), where hundreds of people previously tell public, police and GM-companies that they will destroy the plants; conspirative "field liberations" with destroying the fields, too, but often with more efficiency; field squattering with tripods, lock-ons and more stuff... (examples at Gentech-weg - only German language, but as you see below, we are working on it).

2008 at least 17 GMO fields have been attacked and at least seven GMO fields were squattered. Most of these actions seem to be successful, so GMO research had to be stopped at these places. Some institutes promised to abandon GMO experiences (or at least at the concerned places).

There is also repression against the activists of all kinds of actions; mostly people doing public actions are concerned (police and GMO companies mostly don't know who to accuse at conspirative activities). The latest information is the conviction of an activist of a public field liberation in Giessen (Hesse - a central located federal state of Germany) -> six month prison without probation! Solidarity is needed!

P.S.: This is one possible view to GMO situation in Germany; I know there are other campaigns and activities with other main themes, too; if there are people on this list who can tell about this, please add your information.


Actions 2010

July 29th: There was a field liberation action yesterday in Germany on the field of BASF-Amflora potato! ;-) Six people of the field-liberation group "Gendreck-weg" got on the field and eradicated six bags of Amflora potatoes. The action took place during day time and was announced in advance. About 20 sympathizers accompanied the field liberators.

On this occasion we also got the affirmation of one of the journalists, that a rumour about another field liberation on the same field three weeks earlier was true (s. BASF, impressive picture). Then 1 ha of potatoes was destroyed.

One new aspect occurred during the latest field liberation: the company BASF was there with about 40 employees demonstrating FOR GMOs. They brought food (which nobody of the activists took), colorful ballons "FOR GMOs" and a big billboard onto which the employees wrote their wishes for the "green biotechnology": e.g. they hope that ecological farming will profit from GMOs, finally too...

Fortunately the press reported very objective up to well-meaning for our course, so that the BASF campaign didn't work out very well. But we will have to prepare for such occasions in the future as another lobbygroup "InnoPlanta" founded a "citizens' initiative" called "Gruene Vernunft", "green common sense"...


Actions 2010

August 9th:

Italian Activists Storm, Field Crush GM Maize

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